The Team

Product Owners

Jel Coward

Chair of OCUS and Pioneer in BC, Jel and Gunther define the high level requirements for the project and convey the results back and from the OCUS board, the BC billing group and the upstream developers. Jel also tests the final software and evaluates the artifact of the project.

Gunther Klein

Treasurer of OCUS and Pioneer in BC, Gunther helps defining the high level requirements, provides a test environment for the developing product, and tests the final software and evaluates the artifacts of the porject


Mayssam Mohammadi Nevisi 

Ph.D. Student of CS in SFU, Mayssam has a long history of software development and architecture. He will develop and document the components as defined by the architecture and deploy them in the test environment.

Atefeh Mirsafian 

CS research developer at SFU, Atefeh has a long track in open source development projects and is very efficient in documentation. She will collaborate closely with Mayssam in the development aspects and helps in documentation and design of the components defined in the architecture


Aida Kenyon

Aida is an accomplished web designer and a distinguished graphic artist. She is charged with the responsibility of designing the web site and user interfaces for better communicating the concepts between users and developers.